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28 Oct 2011

Broccoli Egg Dry Fry

Normally steaming is the best option to consume broccoli in a healthy way, stir-frying also helps.. Experimenting on whatever ingredient you cook may bring out nice results, some times.. This simple dish was born once when I got bored of our ordinary veg curries. Serve this with rice or roti, your kids may let you fill their lunch box with this... :)

broccoli 1 medium
egg 1
onion 1
ginger chopped 1/4 tsp
curry leaves few optional
pepper powder 1 tsp

How I made it,
Chop broccoli into small florets.
Heat oil, saute chopped onion in a pan.
When it is semi transparent, saute ginger and curry leaves.
Saute for few seconds, and break egg into that.
Stir, and make like scrambled egg dish.
Add pepper powder and salt, along with broccoli pieces.
Mix well, place the lid, cook on a low flame.
Open the lid and stir occasionally.
Cook for only few minutes.


  1. I never thought that eggs can be so delicious.Thanks for sharing this great recipe.

  2. Seena, Innovative recipe...Keep going

  3. I like this blog very much.Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

  4. hi seena
    so glad that first time i am saying to somebody job well done by parting your knowledge acquired from your mom plus the hard work you put in by bringing in perfection in presentation in a very simple and proffessional way.
    i liked sambhar but i always add a bit of fried garlic when i do my dal along with salt and turmeric,will it affect the taste and flavour ?
    with wishes
    sajan & lizy

  5. Hey I made this recipe today..It was delicious..My friends loved it..

  6. I made it today..It was delicious..My friends loved it..


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