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28 Oct 2010

Beetroot Juice

When my sis introduced me this "juice", I didn't like the taste and added a good amount of lemon juice and sugar to consume it! :) Having that much sugar is not good, but taking Beetroot juice is good for you, it reduces blood pressure within hours! Beetroot juice is also a well known "powerful juice" that reduces the risk of the heart diseases.. Prepare it with or without lemon juice / ginger / cardamom and sugar, and enjoy a very healthy drink!

Ingredients Needed
beetroot 1" or 2" pieces peeled and chopped
water 2 glasses
sugar as per taste
lemon juice as desired.

How She Prepared It,
Blend beetroot with water and sugar. Strain and add lemon juice according to your taste.


  1. I added carrot and ginger and very lil sugar.. It was awesome.. thanks

  2. Sajitha , thanks for trying out, adding carrots and ginger makes it very healthy.. :)


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