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8 Jun 2010

Kiwi Mint Juice

Kiwi fruit is a rich source of vitamin C than an equivalent amount of orange. We always enjoyed eating the green flesh,so thought to try out a juice when we bought kiwi fruits last time. The green juice with few mint leaves is a delicious way to remain healthy, especially in the very hot weather in Dubai. Hope you are going to love it.. :)

Ingredients ,
kiwi fruits 2
mint leaves 1 handful
sugar as per taste
water 1 1/2 glass

How I prepared,
Chop the upper part of kiwi, insert a spoon and take out the green flesh.
Add washed mint leaves, sugar and water, blend well.
Serve immediately.


  1. Very refreshing drink and looks too good. Love the color and pic.

    This could make for a great entry in to our Sizzling Summer Contest. check it out in ST. you could win one of two $50 prizes.

  2. nice way to have kiwi fruits..

  3. So refreshing... Loved the deep green color. YUM!

  4. very interesting seena. unfortunately i am in a sburb area and no way to procure kiwi here.
    i have send this link to my daughter at trichur and hv asked to her prepare few glasses for me and i shall taste it this evening.

    frankly speaking i have never tasted kiwi after our leaving gulf.

    best regards
    jp uncle @ trichur

  5. Hello are u?....u still in dubai?....ivide thirakkaanu, as usual...couple of days was thinking about u so thought of stopping by and say hi.....Blogging slow aanallo, enthu patti?...BTW, kiwi was one juice that tasted good, unexpectedly!!...i recently had it at a restaurant....nice variation with mint!

  6. Seena, Iam ipresed by th number of recipes u have on ur blog.....just countless....i have one small book which has so many handy recipes that i use everyday for refernce.....ur blog is just like that book!!!BTW, let me ask you how many recipes did u post so far?very curious....ippo ara manikkoor kooduthal aayi njan ividey chittukkarangunnu.


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