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26 Oct 2009

Naadan Chicken Roast

I hadn't broad band internet connection since few days, thats why I couldn't publish or reply your comments in time, couldn't even visit your blogs also. Currently am using a Airtel dial-up connection through my mobile phone, which eats a major part of the recharging amount.. :)
When we were kids, our villagers hadn't any poultry shops nearby.Every one had some 'home-grown' chicken to meet their need.I have seen 'broiler chicken' used only for the wedding parties, for making a bulk amount of biryani.. Have heard elders saying about it 'nammude naadan kozheede ruchi onnu vere thanne.. ' I was not smart enough to understand the taste-difference, but always looked for the leg part (drum sticks) reserved for me.. I was very lucky in that since there was no one to fight for the drumsticks, since both my siblings didn't eat chicken.. :)
This time, I have brought a naadan chicken roast for you, which was enough to satisfy my teenage taste buds, but I don't get the exact taste now, perhaps, my taste buds also might have grown with me.. :)

Ingredients used
Chicken pieces 1/2 kg
onion 3
tomatoes 2
green chillies 2
curry leaves few
coriander leaves few chopped
garlic paste 1 tsp
ginger paste 1 tsp
lemon juice 2 tsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
chilly powder 2 tsp or as desired
garam masala powder 1/2 tsp
pepper powder as per taste
coconut oil

How I prepared
Marinate chicken with chilly powder, turmeric powder, salt, garlic and ginger paste,lemon juice and half of garam masala.
Shallow fry these chicken pieces after kept for half an hour.
Remove the chicken pieces from the pan when it turned red out side.
Saute finely chopped onion in the same oil used for frying chicken.
When onions are sauteed well and about red in color, add finely chopped tomatoes.
Saute until it is mashed well.
Add pepper powder and remaining garam masala powder.
Put chicken pieces in this and mix well.
Add enough salt too.
Reduce heat to a very low flame, place the lid and cook the chicken for some time.
You have to stirr this occasionally to prevent this from sticking to the pan.
After few minutes , the masala covers chicken pieces, the add green chilly slits,curry leaves and coriander leaves.
Stir well and remove from fire.
Serve hot!!


  1. Seena u make me drool over this one! Homegrown chicken (nattu kozhi) is quiet tasty compare to broiler! But we rarely get homegrown now :(

  2. that looks awesome, Seena. Get your broadband up and running soon! :)

  3. it looks yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. I do wish i could pick up those delicous pieces from my screen.

  5. One of my fave malabar food...sigh!! looks awesome.
    I was wondering abt your little gal...I had put so many comments on her 3 poems but can see it's not published. Hope she at least got the comments. My hugs to u all :)

  6. kanditt thanne kodhiyaakunnu....

  7. Chicken looks so good. Nice recipe. YUM! Really wanted to try recipe. YUM!

  8. hi seena,

    have read some of ur recipes and even tried out some.. they have ome out well... just need to know one thing..last friday i prepared fish biriyani using ur recipe posted came out well but the rice seemed to be very sticky.. normally for biriyani's the rice needs to be cooked properly... can you tell me how exactly to prepare the rice part of the biriyani so that the rice doesn't stick to each other...


  9. This looks so very tasty Seena. The colour is so very appetizing - DELICIOUS! :-)

  10. Pooja,
    First boil water in a vessel, adding enough salt.
    Wash and add rice to that.Allow to cook.Adding lime juice directly to this prevent sticking rice together. Also you can add some ghee or oil. When rice is about to finish cooking, drain water. (don't forget to add the spices while cooking rice should be 3/4 cooked (or mukkal vevu).If you find this difficult, you can make ghee rice first and add it to that the prepared masala.
    I loved using 'mumtaz basmati rice' which is very good for making biryani.. try it.
    All the best , Pooja! :)

  11. i remember having this in a restaurant sometime back, I just loved it. Yours looks absolutely perfect!!

  12. Wow!sounds delicious. My mom makes it almost in a similar way but I guess she adds a little bit of coriander powder and omits tomatoes....will try this version also. Thanks for the recipe.


  13. this is one of my all time faves and my mom makes it quite often when we get chicken :)

  14. I just remember that I haven't had this one long time.. my mom makes this on some occasions.. thanks for sharing this recipe..

  15. some one stolen ur picture....

  16. Lovely space and nice pics .Do visit

  17. hi seena, im a new comer to ur blog n i want to tell u dat u rock yaaa. I made ur chicken roast recipe n it was awesome, everyone in my family liked it,so keep up d great work.

  18. hi..
    im jinshy from khozhikode,now n qatar..!!! ur nadan chicken roast seems to b yummy..!!!kuddos... actually im new to ur site nd beleive me i regret not 2 b here b4..!!! nywayz gud to see all new items..!!! thanxz a lol..!!!tak cre

  19. Thanks Anon, for letting me know that your family loved my chicken roast.. :)
    keep visiting and try out more.. :)

    Thanks Jinshy!
    hope to see you back with some feedbacks.. :)

  20. sister,

    All are mouthwatering recipes.
    I like to make this recipe.

    Very new in cooking. Can I get
    tomato,onion in gram measurements
    for this recipe?

    Pepperpowder approximately
    howmany teaspoons can I add
    for this recipe?

    Thanks. Waiting for your
    reply very very eagerly to
    make this.

  21. Gram measurments wouldn't be easy for a novice in cooking! its strange! :) You can use 2 tsp pepper powder..

  22. hi seena

    i tried this receipe at my in-laws place and this dish and myself where the real stars!!!!!my in-laws kept saying about this dish over and again....

    thankyou so much.....

  23. its very tasty.. v. good everybody should try

  24. it was realy tasty and came out real well.

  25. hi seena,
    I just chanced upon your recipes.been on the lookout for something similar for a long time.bless your soul for the delicious keep adding more.take care.

  26. Hi seena,
    I really have to congratulate you on the wonderful,wholehearted manner in which you present your recipes.your love for cooking and the pleasure it gives you in sharing the same with others is truly commendable.It is an absolute pleasure to go through them and I get an idea of your personality just by the way you have expressed them.By the way, I am the anonymous in the Feb13th comment.Thanks once again for the wonderful recipes.

  27. Great Recipie Seena! Would you please tell me ; what goes into the "Garam Masala" ??


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