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9 Apr 2009

Cooking Tips - Indian Cooking - Part 3

  1. Mix cocum / kudampuli / kokum with little coconut oil and salt.You can increase it's shelf life.
  2. Soak the garlic cloves in cold water for some time, this helps to remove the peels quickly.
  3. Cutting yam makes itching for some hands, apply little coconut oil on hands before chopping it.
  4. Add little all purpose flour / maida to omelettes to make it little bigger and soft.
  5. While making cutlets you should not add the amount of mashed potatoes than the recipe says.There is a chance for the cutlets to break when you fry them.
  6. Mixing the idli, dosa or appam batter using hands makes it help to ferment fast. Many says this method works, but haven't tried my self.. :)
  7. Add little oil while cooking noodles / pasta dishes, this will allow it not to stick each other.
  8. If you have stored fresh coconut in freezer, pour little hot water to it, it will let you extract thick coconut milk.
  9. To keep coriander leaves or pudina leaves as fresh in the refrigerator, wash and clean them, cover using a cotton cloth.
  10. While cooking prawns / shrimp , don't cook it more than 10 minutes. Over cooking makes it hard.

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  1. These cooking tips series is just great comes very handy and makes our job easy at the kitchen!!!


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