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11 Apr 2009

Cooking Tips - Indian Cooking - Part 1

  1. If dosa sticks on the griddle / tawa - Cut an onion and wipe the griddle / tawa with it.
  2. Don't heat your dosa pan too much while making dosa, dosa will stick to it.
  3. While making chapathi , porotta or pathiri, wipe the griddle each time with a clean cloth when you cook a new one. This is to remove the dust and oil left by the previous one.
  4. Cooking time for eggs - for half boiled eggs - 3 or 3 1/2 minutes, to make it little harder - 4 to 5 minutes, for hard boiled eggs - 10 minutes.
  5. How to remove smell of fish or onion from your hands or knives - Wipe your hands or knives with little coconut oil.
  6. To prevent rice from sticking , pour little lemon juice while cooking.
  7. Just wipe your hands with lemon rind , it will remove the smell of fish / onion.
  8. Always remember to keep garam masala away from light , it will help it's flavour last for long.
  9. Use hot water for kneading dough for wheat chapathis, it will help chapathi to be soft.
  10. Using little milk while kneading chapathi dough, chapathis will be softer.


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