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8 Oct 2008

Dates Pickle / Eithappazham Achaar

I am not in love with any spicy dates preparations like pickle, chutney etc. But here everyone loves it and all the leftover dates we bought for iftar have been modified into two of these forms.
This is for my reader Indu - who had asked for the dates pickle recipe.Hope you enjoy this sweet, spicy and sour delight!

Dates Pickle ingredients
Dates deseeded and chopped 2 cups
garlic paste 2 tsp
ginger paste 2 tsp
green chillies chopped optional
garlic pearls few optional
curry leaves chopped few
fenugreek 1/2 tsp
mustard seeds 2 tsp
chilly powder 1 Tbsp
coconut oil 1 1/2 Tbsp
vinegar 1/2 cup

How to prepare
Chop dates into 4 pieces (or make small pieces). Heat pan, pour oil.Allow mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds splutter.Saute garlic - ginger paste and chopped green chillies and curry leaves for few seconds. Add red chilly powder, salt, vinegar and allow to boil. Put chopped dates into this, mix well. Pour little boiled water if you want to get a loose texture. Add little more vinegar for your desired sourness.


  1. Seena,I was in search of this one.The one which i had from Biriyani hut was simply superb.lemme try this one.thanks

  2. This sounds fantastic Seena. I have never tried dates pickle before but I sure would love to try yours. :-)

  3. ah, exactly what i was looking for. will try out this weekend and let u know:)


  4. I love spicy pickles, but i have never had date pickles.
    Looks yumm

  5. Hey Seena, a fantastic recipe. (My last comment vanished..) Have u added pepper corns too? I can use up the dates lying in my house.

  6. thanks a million hubby was asking me why i didn open the dates box yet...told him i'm waiting for ur recipe...i like dates in pickle form...yummy yummy yummy...

  7. hey seena ..

    Even i was looking for this recipe..Actually tomorrow i am going to experiment Lakshi Nair`s` date pickle ..Will try yours also.. And will let u knw the result:)

  8. Very innovative... lucky Indu!

  9. Very new recipe to me and am sure I would love this,for sure seena!

  10. thats a new recipe to me...have always tried sweet preparations of date- never anythign savory or spicy.

  11. This sounds so different to me. Never tried this before. Looks so good... YUM!

  12. Never heard about it...looks yummy...

  13. hi, I love dates pickle. My mother makes this, but she adds grated carrots to make carrot-date pickle. Your recipe is slightly different too, and I would love to try this:-)

  14. Dates pickle sounds unique with sweet and spicy flavors.

  15. helo.. Seena.. Did u use coconut oil.. not gingely oil..??
    thanks a lot

  16. Won't adding water spoil the pickle faster ?

  17. Thanks friends! Ann,Jeena,Sam and Happy, Try out and let me know, it seems many haven't tried dates pickle yet! :)

    Purnima, adding pepper corns is good, I had it in mind, but in mom's version, no pepper.. :)

    Indu, Hope u have opened the dates box.. ok, come back.. :)

    Veena, mail me Lakshmi Nair's recipe to me.. me too like her recipes.. :)

    Anu, Raj, Priyanka,Sukanya,Vijaya,
    thanks ! :)

    Shreya, I have seen some added carrots, but I love carrot pickle alone, now am trying to get that recipe.. :)

    Sure yasmeen, sweet, spicy and sour delight! :)

    Ras, Ellenna (gingelly oil) is good, bcos it won't allow pickle to spoil easily. But we mostly keep pickles in fridge after 3 or 4 days, so wouldn't add Ellenna. More over, I hate oil accumulated on top of pickle, as u see when we buy ready made pickles.. :)

    Ramki, thats why added previously boiled water! :)

  18. dates pickle? Never heard of it. Looks so delicious Seena! Next time when I get dates I am trying this. Bookmarked.

  19. Dates Pickle...Thats sounds so good. I'm sure it tastes good too.
    Someth new to try....Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi Seena,
    Iam a regular visitor of ur blog..i like all of ur recipes and tried most of them..they r good and tasty.Thanku for these recipes...InshaAllah I will try dates pickle soon....

  21. Assalam Alaikkum Shabna,
    thanks for the feed back. Its really nice to know that u loved my recipes..
    hope to see u again,.. :)

  22. hi seena...made dates's a hubby and a friend of mine loved it very much{both gr8 pickle eaters :)}...and thanks for sharing this very easy to make recipe...

  23. Its great to know from u Indu!
    thank u for the nice words, I hope your hubby and friend will love the chutney too, here every one is love with that.. :)

  24. Hey Seena,
    Thanks for checking in on me. Yeah, we were away in Kerala- sister's wedding.:)

    What a unique pickle this is! I've never had one with dates.

  25. i am bowled out by your dates pickle,seena.i recently made an apple pickle and was thinking about pickling is awesome.thanks :)

  26. dates pickle is my favorite.. i hv never made any pickle but seeing this recipe i think i'll give a try! i have a large jar of leftover dates from ramazan!

  27. Hi Seena,

    I had been searching for a date recipe which I had tasted during a muslim wedding. I was told its not a pickle. It had a sweet taste and heard it is a usual accompaniment with biriyani or neichor! DO you know of any such recipe? The wedding was in Malapuram!


  28. Thanks Prathibha for visiting..
    I know what you have asked for and looking for a nice recipe.. Will publish once when it is prepared, ok? :)

  29. "Hey Thanks Seena...Even i was searching for dates pickle.My hubby loves this...This looks awesome.."


  30. Thanks a lot for the receipe...
    when I tried it came as a thick paste and not as a heavy liquid..May be I tried in a flat pan..that could be the reason.

    It was good neverthless..
    thanks again :)

  31. It may be bcos you have used very ripe dates.. :)

  32. Been looking out for this recipe. Looks easy ! Well, i love date pickle too.. Thanx.. looking out for more delicious recipe from you.

    (i'm first time on although i used to hear of it before. Now i'm bowled over ! :))

  33. Seena, Thanks for posting this. I will surely try this out and let you know the feedback.


  34. I am Mujeeb(Keralite), living now Saudi Arabia. I am looking for a recipe with dates.
    thank you very much

  35. Once My aunty had made this achaar , I had been searching for this recipe for long, its sweet and spicy .... Its very Good taste

  36. hai seenatha
    your recipe good and tasty

  37. amma was looking for date pickle recipe... jus want'd t help her...
    thank you... [ smiles]....

  38. Hey,tried this out yesterday..turned out really yummy & gr8 wid biryani...Iv posted it in my blog along with the pic:

  39. Salam seena,I was in search of dates pickle and i found your recipe-the one which i was in search off....i was so happy to see all the recipes and i wish i could test each to fill my guys taste buds...i have small question to you dear... the dates that we use for the pickle should the ripe one(that we ve for Iftar) or the medium one that we find in fruit stall... eagerly waiting for your reply and more recipies...with Tones of Thanks Namiz

  40. wa alaikum salam Namitha!
    You can use ripe dates for making this.

  41. Thanku Seena...Will try this and inshaallah will get u back...

  42. Great pickle Seena. Made it the other day it was a hit with the family..Thank you


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