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10 Dec 2007

Rice powder Dosa / Pola /പൊടിപ്പോള

This is the most easiest break fast dish for me. Mom makes it with different types of curries.
Vegetable, meat, fish, egg - curries and chutney / chammanthi, all are great with this dish. If you like to have a sweet dish, take this with coconut milk and sugar.
Pola / പോള means a very thin sheet. These dosas are very thin and hence the name.

Rice powder pancakes

Ingredients and Method

rice powder roasted 1 cup
egg optional

Coconut dosa

Mix everything together. Add enough water to make the batter. Make a buttermilk like thin batter. If you use egg, mix it very well in the batter(I haven't used egg for making dosas in the above picture.) After you prepared three or four dosas, the batter will be thick, so add little water and salt again.Repeat the procedure till finish making it.

Heat a frying pan or a griddle /ദോശക്കല്ല്‌. Dip the part of a tissue or a cloth in little oil or ghee. Wipe the surface of the pan with it. Then pour the batter over this. No need to rotate like other dosas, since the batter is very thin, will spread itself. Cover with a lid. No need to flip over this. When it is cooked , we can take the dosa easily from the griddle.

You can make coconut dosa by adding two or three tablespoons of fresh grated coconut too.

Coconut dosa with fish curry

How to prepare Rice flour / Arippodi
ince a few of you have doubts about what kind of rice flour that we should use for making this dosas, I add a little more information regarding that.
Actually, the rice here is raw rice / pachari. Here, I get it from the shops which is labelled as white rice.For making rice powder at home, wash and soak rice in water for half an hour then drain.Let the water go wholly but before it is completely dried up, powder them using the grinder.
Then dry roast this powder. We do this just to increase the shelf life of the rice flour, since it has water content in it. So after roasting you can keep it long in tightly closed tins. (Still I use the rice flour which I brought from home in August). Don't roast for long , until it changes color. Roast by stirring continuously till you feel the powder is not wet.
After that sieve it. You can use this powder for making dosa / pola or pathiri. For making puttu, no need to sieve powder. For puttu , it is better to use some coarse powder.
If you get ready made rice flour, no need to roast it. They might have done it already. More over, the roasted powder can reduce the cooking time also.(Since it is already cooked). Thats why while making pathiris we wouldn't cook the powder too much in the boiled water.


  1. Never heard of this simple and sweet recipe. Should definitely try it :)

  2. Seena,
    Such a simple dish and very handy for morning breakfasts..
    Did you added egg when you made these dosas shown...?If we dont use egg can we get the same kinda pores in dosa..?
    Lovely dosas:)


  3. Nag and Raj,
    thanks for the comments.

    Hey, Raj,
    I haven't added egg in the dosas shown in the picture... yeah, it is helping a lot to make quick bf..

  4. Wow i should try this no fermentation. I only have fine rice flour with me, can i try with that?


  5. Happy,
    I haven't tried with fine rice powder, since I have heard coarse powder is good.And usually, at home fine powder is used for making nice pathiris. I think you can make using fine powder by adding egg..

  6. I always add rice flour only if i have little batter left and need more...maybe next time onwards, i can directly make such dosas...thanks for the dish

  7. i think goans have also a similar one like this.....those pores are quite attractive :)

  8. Thankx for the info seena. I have fine flour which i bought frm the asian shop but i can also make corse rice flour. Just that am lazy togrind them.
    But as dosa look so good i will do the grinding :-)

  9. Thanks EC and Mishmash,

    You can make it with fine powder too. Just now asked mom, got approval..:)

  10. nice dosa recipe seena curry looks delecious

  11. love that thin dosa...nice curry n dosa...yummm...mouthwatering

  12. Wow, Seena thats a yummy Dosa, Looks perfect. Love it. Book marked dear..

  13. such a beautiful lace pattern, looks very good :)

  14. OK then I am trying this soon:))Thanks for the reply!

  15. Such a simple and delicious recipe. Your new website rocks! Great work.

  16. looks gr8!! very tastey & healthy too...

  17. seena,
    this looks simple and easy breakfast.

  18. Hey Seena I love the pictures of your pola dosa. I will give this a try sometime and let you know how it goes it looks yummy. I bet your mum makes great pola dosa too. :)

  19. Pola nalla pere!!I never heard this ...onnum cherkkathe aa dosa angane kittiyathil enikke bhangara albhutham...From the first site,I think u add soda podi...Really lovely dosa's!


  20. Thanks dear friends for your nice words..

    without adding soda, you can make nice dosas like this.
    You know, My kitchen is free from aginomotto, baking soda and maida. I don't use these things.Plan to get some when I make a cake, but don't know when it will happen..:)

  21. hey, we call this Neeru Dosa (Neeru means water) in kannada. But soak and grind rice, instead of using rice powder though.I have a version of this on my blog. check it out when you find time. Your looks lovely. Your dosa has so many perforations!!! That itself is an indication that your dosa was good!! :)

  22. This looks lovely. Can we use the rice powder used to make puttu or do we have to look specifically for roasted rice flour?


  23. Thanks friends,

    I use the same powder for puttu and this dosa.If you get a pack labelled roasted rice powder, then try to use it.At first, try using the powder you have, since ingredients are only three, we don't have to waste much even if we failed..:)

  24. hi seena,
    i have made ur rice powder dosa its make out very welll, i have doubt what do u mean by roasted rice powder, do we have to fry in the powder in kadai for sometime, bcos whn i made i didnt fry....will there be any change in roasted?


  25. Thanks dear Sangeetha,
    Linda also had asked some doubts, so I have added some information about rice flour making.Please check the recipe.
    Sangeetha, we make big amount of rice powder at home. I think thats why they roast it , just to increase it's shelf life. I have once made puttu with home made rice flour without roasting. That was also good.

  26. Seenatha,
    My polas were complete disasters.They kept breaking into pieces.And the center portion was never cooked,no matter how hard i tried.Please help


  27. Dear Zeb,
    Thanks for trying out my recipe!
    Sad to know it was a disaster.Actually, this is the most easiest of bf dishes, in my view. What kind of powder did you use? And the center of polas wouldn't be thick, I think thats why it was not cooked.Pola breaks when there is excess water in the batter. You can try it with egg too. If possible pls leave a mssg to my email. (check profile)..Hope this help you.

  28. Itha,i made ur polas again today and they turned out perfect...I guess my problem was the temp of the pan and the consistency of the batter.....Thanks again

    Assalamu alaikum


  29. Hello Seena, This morning I didn have anything planned for breakfast and I tried this with the Eastern puttu mix I had with egg. I should thank you much for this wonderful item. Made potato stew along with and my husband loved it , me too. Thanks again -

  30. hey seena, I make these by grinding raw rice after soaking it for a few hours. Yours seems really easy...will try it using puttupodi.

  31. its seems to be very tasty.....

  32. hi Seena,

    tried this for iftaar yesterday. was too good. soft and yum.

    thanx sam

  33. Thanks Sam,
    Kure naalayallo kandittu? :)

  34. ivide thanneyundu. everyday morning b/n 8.50 to 9.10 i visit ur wonderful site. have bookmarked many recipes. samayam thikayunnila.

    eid mubarak in advance to u and ur family


  35. Eid Mubarak Sam!
    Thanks for spending time in my little space.. Keep in touch, wish u a wonderful Eid with family.. :)

  36. hi da ..
    yea yea i saw my tissue dosa here in different name ..:) looking great than mine ..!!!

    by the by mail me ur orkut id k ..

  37. will try ur version also and let u knw the result

  38. Hi Seena ,

    I am very new to this blog and surprised by the variety of dishes you have posted. Very helping for the people like me who is very new to kitchen.Very very thanks to you.

    I made masala dosa yesterday with your recipe and it turned out really good. Today i tried this podi pola but it didnt come out well. I havent got the pores on the appam not at all and it was very hard(like handmade pathiri). I used double horse appam/idiyappam/pathiri powder. Do I have to prepare the batter on the previous day? Its very difficult to ferment the flour here. If I use yeast for fermentation when do i have to add that ? Please help me .

  39. Dips,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.. :)
    I think u tried to make pola / rice powder dosa , right? For that , fermentation is not needed. When u r going to make it, just prepare the batter. Please read the post and comments carefully, since I have answered some questions before.
    If you have any more queries pls don't be hesitate, will try to answer my best.. Good luck! :)

  40. how do you get pores ...mine are not so

  41. Sharmila, welcome! :)
    The batter should be perfect to get pores while making dosas, I guess you have made dosas with a thick batter.. So try changing thickness of batter next time. Good luck!
    Hope to see you again, :)

  42. Seena,

    I tried this pola..pores got .but it seems like stick with another. no need to turn over , rt? I used rice flour which is available in packet here ..dont know it is roasted.Need to roast in pan ? I didnt use egg , only rice flour and water.I really appreciate you if you write back.

  43. Hi Seena
    Great web site. I am a senior living alone and was looking for a recipe, for biryani, fried rice etc using pressure cooker for easy cooking. Any suggestion
    Thanks in advance

  44. Hi Seena
    Great web site, and thanks for your efforts.I am a senior living alone, and I was was looking for a recipe for Biryani or fried rice using pressure cooker, for quick cooking.


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