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6 May 2007

Muringakka / Drumsticks Curry

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Muringakka/ drumsticks seven
Onion one
Tomato one
Green chilly two
Curry leaves few
Turmeric powder half tea spoon
Chilly powder half tea spoon
Coconut milk one cup thick
For seasoning
Coconut oil
Mustard seeds half tea spoon
Red chilly one cut into three pieces

How to prepare
Cut and peel drumsticks , wash it.
Cook the chopped onion, tomato with salt and all powders and enough water to cover it.
Cook till the onion is done.
Add green chilly slit and drum stick pieces.
Mix and let it cook.
When the drumstick pieces are done add coconut milk.
When it begins to boil switch off fire.
Heat oil in another pan, add mustard seeds.
Let it splutter.
Add curry leaves, red chilly pieces.
Stir and pour into the curry.
You can cook ash gourd, cucumber and other veggies like this.
Since drum sticks need less cooking time, don’t add it in the beginning.
But for other vegetables you can add in the beginning.
This is a very tasty curry. You can add more chilies if needed.Usually I prepare less spicy dishes.


  1. Hi Seena,how are you doing today?:))
    Nuggekai as we call the Drumsticks in K'taka, looks fabulous.You are a good cook!I don't get Drumsticks here,unless it's canned which I don't like.Lucky you,enjoy:))

  2. thats so lovely drumstick curry.the color is too good..feel like eating..thanks for sharing

  3. seenakutty, is that chatti from kerala? i am sure the curry tastes much better in that. i have not cooked in chatti. muringakka curry kollam!

  4. Asha,
    you are very doing well.
    drumstick tree(??) grows very well here than in India. so we are lucky to get fresh leaves and drumsticks..

    thanks..try this when u get fresh drumsticks.

    yeah, my friend brought this chatti from Kerala for me..I have some chattis and make fish and veggies in them. surely, the taste is good!

  5. Muringakka curry is looking nice...I have not used coconut milk in this type of curry....I think i will give this a try.

  6. Hey,this is something new. Another dish to prepare in my precious chatti :). Thanks.

  7. Thanks Sukanya and Vini,
    Yeah, chatti is precious for us..try this one in it..

  8. looks like you made with fresh drumsticks in the clay pot, the taste must be really good.

  9. hohoho ethra vibhavagal aa avide orukki vechekkane njan varatto....

  10. Hello Seena:
    Yesterday my neighbor bought me a lot of fresh murikka( a rare scenario in place I live). didnt have toor dhar to make Sambhar, no cocnut to make theeyal or thoran , no chilli powder.I googled recipes of muringakka and after elimating the recipes i dint like I landed on ur page. I I read ur recipe without knowing it was urs(didnt look the bloggers name) . Now i have made it and like the taste a lot I came to check ur other recipes just to discover it was your blog ( the one with many recipes I like). Look my taste leads me to ur page Thank you . Have a wonderful New year


  11. Many thanks to you Mocha for leaving your nice comment here.Very happy to know that you liked it.There is nothing special in my recipes, but all we used to cook at home!
    Thanks, see you again.:)

  12. Hi seena,
    Your Muringakka curry turned out fab, and my family loved it.I guess the coconut milk in it did wonders.
    I make it a different way. Do visit my blog www.indianfoodiecorner.blogspot.comand try it out.

  13. Hi seena,
    I'm first to coocking...when i searched for muringaka curry,ur curry picture itself seems bright...i'm going to try this....

  14. Dear Ammu,
    Welcome, hope to see you again, best wishes!

  15. hello seena,can you please suggest some lunch recipes without coconut?thank you.

  16. Hello Anon,
    I think few are there like sambar, tomato chutney etc. Pls read the recipes to find out.. :)


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